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Women Ducati 916/996/998, Vicky is back again as you asked for more pics. Thanks for the comments on the last one. Vicky reads them all. a person sitting on a Ducati 916/996/998 sportbike 916/996/998
Date: 10-Oct-19
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900x1240  251 KB

Vicky is back again as you asked for more pics. Thanks for the comments on the last one. Vicky reads them all.
a person sitting on a Ducati 916/996/998 sportbike

Tags: motorcycle, outdoor, red, grass, person, sitting, young, posing, small, wearing, boy, helmet, riding, little, standing, woman, area, girl, black, parked, white, man, 16-Feb-09 - OMG! Thanks for sharing. I think I miss the blonde hair though. She's amazing.
16-Feb-09 - I agree with a comment from the last picture. There's just something about Vicky that I like a lot
16-Feb-09 - I like the brown hair better. Vicky is a beautiful women and we need lots more pics of her on this site. Maybe with stockings next time.
16-Feb-09 - NO way! She's soooo much better here as a brunette!!! *sigh*
16-Feb-09 - I like the brunette better. The blonde is a little trashy looking to me. Sheis cute but has too much clothes on. :o)
16-Feb-09 - Excellent !!!!!
16-Feb-09 - I don't think it would matter what color hair Vicky has, she is smoken hot no matter what.. I do like the brunette better though!! Lets see some more of this hot little thing!!
16-Feb-09 - Vicky -- you are beautiful!
16-Feb-09 - Where can I see the rest of the pics?
16-Feb-09 - Yeah, i guess the brunette look is growing on me. Fine either way.
16-Feb-09 - wow
16-Feb-09 - WOW what a fantastic package, like a dream come true , thankxxx WE LOVE YOU VICKY
16-Feb-09 - the only thing she really needs is ME, to take her for a ride!
16-Feb-09 - you don't need a tan baby, just keep doing what your doing
16-Feb-09 - Yea Vicki is one of my favorite regulars on this site. very cute
16-Feb-09 - Not only does she taste good, Vicky has good taste too.
16-Feb-09 - Still waiting for more pics of you babe. Maybe soon yes..?
Helmets (Custom) Helmets All, Skull helmet Helmets  1993 All
Date: 24-Aug-16
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2048x1536  543 KB

Skull helmet

31-Aug-06 - KICK @ss. Where can I get one.
27-Mar-11 - now that is one sick helmet!!!
27-Mar-11 - hell yeah! ice helmet
Women Suzuki Bandit series, French sexy girl on bandit a woman sitting on a 2002 Suzuki Bandit series sportbike 2002 Bandit series
Date: 07-Jan-20
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2700x1800  448 KB

French sexy girl on bandit
a woman sitting on a 2002 Suzuki Bandit series sportbike

Tags: motorcycle, indoor, woman, sitting, person, black, white, posing, standing, hair, laying, room, parked, bed,
Production (Stock) Honda CBR1100XX, Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird sitting next to an SR-71 Blackbird. Very cool picture. 1997 CBR1100XX
Date: 09-Apr-19
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1280x958  178 KB

Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird sitting next to an SR-71 Blackbird. Very cool picture.

25-Apr-00 This picture is so cool, the bike looks so diesel with the Stealth Bomber in the background
21-Sep-00 - Bad-Ass picture, how can I get a poster of this?
24-Jun-01 - daron: you print this photo on REALLY big paper.
13-Aug-01 - Thats not the stealth bomber it's the sr-71 blackbird
24-Aug-02 - Yeah that's a funny looking Stealth Bomber...not like the one that flew over the other day. I didn't know the the Super Blackbird had a Diesel that part of the tow package? Jus playin'...hey just save the pic to a disk (don't print it) and take it to a place like Kinko's. It'll cost about the same as a poster, maybe a little more, but the print quality is awesome.
24-Aug-02 - that not a sr-71 or a stealth bomber it kinda looks like a cross between the two.
24-Aug-02 - LOL @ Billowing_Burnout!!
25-Aug-02 - Nice.
25-Aug-02 - they should have a race
25-Aug-02 - Take it from an Air Force pilot guys, this is a SR-71 Blackbird, it's not a stealth bomber. It's not even a stealth (invisible to radar) plane. Kick *ss pic though.
25-Aug-02 - No, the plane isn't an SR-71: look at the tail section, it's should have 2 fins mounted on the engine pods, not a third one on the main fuselage as well. The cockpit isn't as angular as it is on an SR-71.
25-Aug-02 - Eliran, look a little closer, take it from a Navy NFO, that isn't a Blackbird, it's somebody's poor attempt at one. The SR-71's windshield is a four panel design, the nose gear has only one taxi light, the mains have three wheels each, the nose does not flare down like a chicken beak, the inlet cones stick out from the nacelle about seven feet, the vertical stabs are three times as tall as this one, the pitot tube is missing, it should be in the tip of the nose, and the wings are five times too thick. Chech this out for the real deal:
25-Aug-02 - Yep- runaway is right on the money. And I've been in the Air Force 15 years, sat in an SR-71 and was stationed at Edwards AFB when the last 2 were flying for NASA am now a Weapons Section Chief on the B-2 here at Whiteman. It's an interesting pic though. Any Air Force pilot should know that the SR-71 was actually designed and built with Stealth technology- and lots of titanium. The shape and layout of the aircraft made it low observable- about 1/100th the radar signature of a B-52. The B-2 is extremely low observable because it incorporates shape and much more advanced composite materials when built. I'm really curious to see what the new Blackbird is going to look like- it outta kick some *ss. And remember- "Without WEAPONS, it's just another airline!"
26-Aug-02 - ok...i'm that we know what it isn't, what the heck is it? Keep in mind that very few if any of us have been on the recieving end of these death-from-above beauties.
28-Aug-02 - <-- Army guy 21 yrs in...<-- computer graphics guy <-- aviation junkie/mechanic I would venture a guess that it's a good composite image taken from several design types. Not the intakes aft of the cockpit on the center fuselage. not needed if it has engines on the wings. The engines that are visible are clearly dated tech compared to the rest of the bird, hense the cropped and put together theory. just my 2 cents worth. kewl pic. poor execution of titles though
28-Aug-02 - One more thing.... No shadows.... =-D
29-Aug-02 - This IS the new Blackbird. It's so stealth it doesn't have a shadow!
31-Aug-02 - think people. Like cold day in hell ultra rightwing military will grant a photo op with SR-71 spy plane, to a JAP-anese motorcycle manufacturer. hahaha.
06-Sep-02 - this pic needs to be made into a poster if it hasn't. That picture just screams out SPEED.
Production (Custom) Honda CBR1100XX, The 2000 Honda CBR1200XX Special Anniversary Edition Blackbird. 2000 CBR1100XX
Date: 09-Apr-19
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1312x818  215 KB

The 2000 Honda CBR1200XX Special Anniversary Edition Blackbird.

24-Dec-11 - Yes this is a 1998 V&M blackbird cbr1200.50th anniversary model.My husband owns one of the few built.Were any exported to USA?
Misc. Racing Honda CBR600F1, Real RaceGirl Un-Helmeted! 1992 CBR600F1
Date: 26-Apr-19
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740x1035  138 KB

Real RaceGirl Un-Helmeted!

10-Sep-03 - I always tought the Olivier Jacque replica helmet was kind of feminine... how do you keep such nice hair with the helmet ;)
10-Sep-03 - Hiya! Olivier Jacque....suitable for a gal like me! The nice hair well, just ask my hairstylist...was special photo shoot for a national magazine....Wait to you see the ladies SHARK coming out in 2004...SHARK is my sponsor
10-Sep-03 - by the way, check out
10-Sep-03 - She can ride and to top it of she's damn hot!
11-Sep-03 - Lovely. absolutly lovely. Nice to see a real women instead of the touched up, photoshoped, I broke a nail models you mostly get on the site.
11-Sep-03 - Katja Poengsen eat your heart out! Vicki's my new crush. Beautiful Picture there vicki and a nice site too. You should come on down to Hockenheim and the Nurburgring sometime.I wouldn't mind one bit that you're faster than me. I'll bet the view from behind is almost just as nice as the one from the front. (wink)
11-Sep-03 - sweet
11-Sep-03 - 10 all the way!!!!!
11-Sep-03 - Oh my! Where are you! You take my breathe away!
11-Sep-03 - HI everyone...! I had never submitted a photo here before, thought Id come back to see the comments...and make me feel good! Many T H A N K S !! .....again if you wanna know more about me and my racing etc. check out the website! " w w w . r a c e g i r l . n e t " or w.w.w. r a c e g i r l . nl
11-Sep-03 - I love Dutch women!
09-Oct-03 - I read the comments before scrolling down and looking at your pic...then my jaw fell off.
Production (Stock) Honda CBR600F4, My girl Lori at Jennings...6 months after getting her first bike and learning how to ride.  Trained on the curves of Deals Gap by good instructors.  =) 2001 CBR600F4
Date: 15-May-19
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1536x1179  250 KB

My girl Lori at Jennings...6 months after getting her first bike and learning how to ride. Trained on the curves of Deals Gap by good instructors. =)

13-Mar-09 - Someday I'll join you guys :)
13-Mar-09 - Go Lori, Go!!! Rock the gap Lori!!!!
13-Mar-09 - very nice pic; this isn't a 2001 CBR, it is either 1999 or 2000
13-Mar-09 - My fault, thanks for the correction...and the comments.
13-Mar-09 - DAMN GOOD for just 6 months !! You GO Girl !!!! We are the "REAL WOMEN" on this site ..... not just the eye candy "babes"! Stay Safe :) -T. in Tulsa
Crash Honda CBR600F4, Decided he wanted the Streefighter Look!!! Now just have to get a seat for it!!!! CBR600F4
Date: 22-Apr-19
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1042x854  268 KB

Decided he wanted the Streefighter Look!!! Now just have to get a seat for it!!!!

26-May-02 - HOLY F**K! What happened, are you alright?
26-May-02 - hahahhaha sorry, hope the dude is ok, but..hahahah this only can happen in America...Here in Europe we don´t have super-biggers-trucks that can do this!!!!!!!!
26-May-02 - and neither that gigant tree (sequoia?)!!! coz´i only can guess that one of this things happen with this poor bike...
26-May-02 - If this guy got rear ended he may still be airborne. Hope he's ok.
26-May-02 - I don't mean to laff at someone's misery but this is too funny, PUHAHAHAHA
26-May-02 - It sounds a little bit ironic, but it's a funny crash. Hope he's ok. Few moths ago a car hit my bike in that same place and I had a back-ache during two weeks.
26-May-02 - HAHAHA ...jirntiberio, crack me up, Well I hope the dude is ok! ..hmmmm..I hope the owner of this bike was a woman, cause that doesnt look like it would have felt very good, might have an imprint of his balls on the tank. Hope "Everything" is ok.
26-May-02 - now thats taking the streetfighter look a little too far.......
27-May-02 - so what did happen???
27-May-02 - Wow, Can any one tell us what happened ?
27-May-02 - looks like the ejection seat failed miserabley!!! hope he's riding soon!!
27-May-02 - if this pic is from the series of pics i think it is he wasnt rearended he crashed the bike clipped a telephone pole as it slid
27-May-02 - yowzers!!!
27-May-02 - i was thinking tree, cause there's grass all over the bike.... anyway, was he ok??
27-May-02 - It happened to friend of mine. He lost it on a Right hander and they (Bike&Rider) B lined towards Telephone pole
27-May-02 - man, i hope you are ok.. hey since you aren't going to use that back tire anymore, can i have it??? lol.. hope you get another one.
27-May-02 - thats the laziets streetfighter owner i've every saw
28-May-02 - thank you photoshop !!!!
28-May-02 - Wow! Now that's what I call wheel clearance. Three times as much as my dirtbike.
28-May-02 - is it just me or would this high mount exhasut possibly burn your leg in a hard right turn...perhaps get you a little high from the fumes
28-May-02 - Can you imagin he don't fix it and just around town like that? hehehe.
29-May-02 - my a$$ hurts just looking at this pic. . . OUCH!!!
29-May-02 - "For Sale - 2001 CBR600f4i, lo mileage, weekend toy. Installed Hi Tail eliminator kit, Micron Hi mount exhaust. Must sell! Surgery to remove subframe from my A$$"
30-May-02 - that's trippy lookin!
02-Jun-02 - I'm not sure what would feel worst, a seat shoved up my @ss or a hot exhaust.
Production (Custom) Honda CBR900RR, Mod's so far include D&D Pipe, jetted, bigger rear sprocket 46T and gold chain.  Looking for some advice where to find dress up items for this bike or just ideas in general.  Hard to find for such an old  bike.  Should I paint middle of brake rotor or polish it?  Should I leves wheels the way there are or polish the lips and leave center white?  Differnt exhausts? All comments appreciated. 1993 CBR900RR
Date: 20-Apr-19
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Votes: 139 / Ave.: 5.11

1280x1000  243 KB

Mod's so far include D&D Pipe, jetted, bigger rear sprocket 46T and gold chain. Looking for some advice where to find dress up items for this bike or just ideas in general. Hard to find for such an old bike. Should I paint middle of brake rotor or polish it? Should I leves wheels the way there are or polish the lips and leave center white? Differnt exhausts? All comments appreciated.

18-Aug-01 - Just go to a search engine, type 900rr and you will find a zillion things and ideas for this bike. Clean bike by the way.
18-Aug-01 - NSR 500 body work and you are ready mate
18-Aug-01 - Thanks for the info, I like the body work the way it is and I want to keep the passenger seat for my girlfriend.
19-Aug-01 - well you can put some tasty carbon style frame protectors.. one carbon exaust also.. will be great or underseat.. and one refreshing paintjob will be great...
19-Aug-01 - Whats the purpose of a gold chain?
19-Aug-01 - I've seen the NSR 500 style body work but WITH the passanger seat ( it has a seat cover something like the Gixers ). Looks very good i swear. But, anyway, the bike looks good like this, new bodywork is only worth buying if u break this one ( dont wish u to do that ). yea what u say about the wheels is a good idea. Brakes, maybe get other brakes ( Beringer or Galfer ). Maybe get another front light part of the body.
19-Aug-01 - yes maybe the galfer new supermotart rottors...
19-Aug-01 - I looked at that NSR 500 but I did'nt see anything for a 900. I saw NSR 900 which looke good but again I would have to find a way to keep the rear seat. And by front light part you mean the headlights? Was looking into like and newer honda front end possibly supposedly bolts right up. The GOLD chain is just a better type of chain fron D.I.D it has different O rings they call X rings, more sturdy and looks better, doesnt rust or get nasty.
19-Aug-01 - if you wanna overhaul the plastics go to that's a pretty good one
20-Aug-01 - Can't go wrong powder coating the frame, swing arm, rear sets, brake rotors, sproket, etc. Go nuts
21-Aug-01 - Hey does anybody know if I can get a single swing arm? And where?
21-Aug-01 - two friends mine has put the VFR one and fit without problem!!!
21-Aug-01 - Really! I am going to look into that. Thanks I didnt even think about that. Thanks!
21-Aug-01 - Whats so great about single side swingarms? Everyone likes them so much.... I really don't see whats so special about them.
22-Aug-01 - whats special is that they make the bike have a nice clean look. And they cut some weight off the bike. You raise the exhaust up and single swing arm and the bike is clean. Unless you dont like the type of thing and you are more into the cluttered look.
02-Dec-05 - So I posted this pic a few years ago, I since sold this bike, (wish I never did =o( stupid) and I want another, the exact same if possible. Anyone know if one forsale?
Stunts Honda CBR900RR, i thought the starboyz bikes were bad look at this one !
nice endo though!!!!!! CBR900RR
Date: 21-Apr-19
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1280x1000  182 KB

i thought the starboyz bikes were bad look at this one ! nice endo though!!!!!!

01-Nov-01 - this bike is so ghetto rigged. whats that coming out of the front fairing??
01-Nov-01 - did you already lost the windscreen? or took it of just in case.....
01-Nov-01 - well i zip tied the front end up ...that front end is gettin full sharkskinz for it ....hahahah the bike is a 1997 with all 98-99 plastic on it u think im crazy not to take off all my mint plastic all the plastic on that bike is extra stuff and i also have a set of chrome rims for it too hahaha for life
01-Nov-01 - ride it like u stole it baby!!
01-Nov-01 - Erics89..I believe those are Zip-ties..So it falls into the "Ghetto-Rigged" category just fine
01-Nov-01 - the mismatching wheels are a nice touch too =]
01-Nov-01 - u like the rims?..........and for the zip ties .....they hold the whole upper up!
01-Nov-01 - just checked out the loosecannon website...sweetpics i seen that guy on the zx6 doing the high wheelies ..when is your video coming out ?????
01-Nov-01 - i like the green rim!!! good touch
01-Nov-01 - sweet site loosecannons your message board is sweet too ! that guy on the 900RR with the yellow jacket and the black helmet has some pimp moves too !!!!
01-Nov-01 - Looks like "someone" likes to burnout from the looks of that parking lot !!!!!! good pic and nice endo
01-Nov-01 - that gas tank looks kinda smashed in on the top!!!!!!!
01-Nov-01 - Nice endo Crazy J!!!!
01-Nov-01 - Nice endo Crazy J!!!!
01-Nov-01 - I think the bike looks pimp - TRUE street fighter :-)
01-Nov-01 - Ga'bage!!!! just ga'bage J!! lol. you know im kiddin! your a loosecannon pimp!!
02-Nov-01 - Nice bike...give you a dollah for it.
02-Nov-01 - only Crazy J can pimp a bike this blingin'
02-Nov-01 - helmet 12 ... see that sticker on the rear says "THIS THING COST ME BIG BUCKS"
02-Nov-01 - hahahahahahaha jeremy u told me your bike looked beat!!!!!!but i thought u were kiddin .see ya later bro
02-Nov-01 - jeremy whats with the pink helmet and the pink zip tie ??? ride your bike to work tommorrow ! i wanna see that thing !
02-Nov-01 - my bad we dont work tommorrow. im gonna see if i can make it to that stunt show u guys are doing at byron!! later matt
02-Nov-01 - ur pants are funny! Ever get them caught in the chain? It must take a few mph off your top end with those things flapping around!
02-Nov-01 - Its all about the zip ties baby!
02-Nov-01 - Crazy J is a pimp! outro bro!
02-Nov-01 Krises777.AOL.COM - Whats Up My NOOKA---J's my boy and it doesnt matter what he practices on or in as long as he's BLINGN' when it comes to the shows!!! (I just had to talk ghetto to go with the whole ghetto rigged theme:)
Production (Custom) Honda CBR900RR, A custom Honda CBR900RR. CBR900RR
Date: 08-Apr-19
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1280x1000  201 KB

A custom Honda CBR900RR.

26-Feb-02 - Cool bike! I bet it gets some looks at night on the BLVD.
26-Feb-02 - yeah that IS nice,,,,,, i like the contrasting colors,,,,, hmmm Im prolly late on this but i didnt know Arow made a highmount,,,anybody got their web addy,,im lookin for a hightmount for my bike something as an alternative to MIG,,,,thanxxx
27-Feb-02 - -- don't hurt yourself searching
27-Feb-02 - ghetto.
Drawings & Art Honda CBR900RR, STARBOYZ - FTP CBR900RR
Date: 09-Apr-19
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Votes: 179 / Ave.: 4.45

1280x1000  155 KB


10-Nov-00 Is that new skin matched leather - idiot!
10-Nov-00 This is lame!! The starboyz are so...1998. Losers! :)
10-Nov-00 my neigbors friend is on the starboys "team", hes crazy, he does some stunty tricks too....
11-Nov-00 team? team of idiots that give ALL sportbike riders a bad name.
11-Nov-00 I happened to attend one of there shows, and let met tell you, there Unbelieveable!! Dont be a haters!!!
11-Nov-00 This is realy hideous! What an awful picture. DELETE please.
11-Nov-00 If they do shows, fine. Quit doing all that crap on the street!
11-Nov-00 Starboyz ROCK!!
28-May-03 - put on a shirt better off put on some gear..... get over it
28-May-03 - The Starboys are idiots they are riding highly mod'd bikes that are all beat up. I have been to their shows and they are nowhere near as impressive as xXx. Also they are agianst riding gear which just shows how ignorant they really are.
28-May-03 - starboyz are a little better than average as far as stunts but their bikes are complete garbage. furry and dirty
28-May-03 - Starboyz are some of the many pioneers of Extreme Streetbike riding. But just keep hating and pointing out what you think are flaws with a type of riding that you can't do or don't understand the love for something "different"........nice pic....FTP!
28-May-03 - 'understands', and everyone COULD go out and trash their bike if they wanted to. Most of the time, when someone posts a remark about an idiot such as the one pictured, it's because they've had to pull at least one person out the ditch somewhere. Shows are fine. Street is not. Bare *ss is definitely not. Talk about 'skill' till you're blue in the face. I've been on both sides. People such as this guy are skilled and are definitely ballsy, but can't hold a candle to a true roadracer.
29-May-03 - this is an old pic dave sonsky-dave is now a succesful bike tester and icon in the UK for the "superbike magazine". go to your local barnes and noble and pick one up you wil see what i am talking about.
29-May-03 - Robert....Who the hell are you to tell people what is OK and what isn't??? Your opinion is one thing, but you're just preaching. I'm so sick of everyone in here trying to parent everyone about gear and riding style. Do you actually think you're teaching anyone in here something they already didn't know? If I wreck with no gear on, I could get hurt??? NO WAY!!! C'mon. And as far as the Starboyz go, the only real mods to they're bikes, typically, involve gearing. To call their bikes "highly modified" is just plain false. Why the hating? And unless you've seen the Starboyz out on a road course, I would suggest you withold your presumptions concerning their riding ability. It's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about.
17-Oct-03 - I have seen the Starboyz out on the road and at their shows and the stuff they do is not impressive at all. Thay are riding bikes that are hollow up front so they are easy to wheelie, they have sprockets on the back almost as big as the tire. What are you talking about seen them on a road coarse? That makes it sound as if they are racing their bikes? You obviosly have no idea what your talking about.
Crash Honda CBR929RR/CBR954RR, Copy from HK Newspaper...Fireblade with a 206 CBR929RR/CBR954RR
Date: 13-May-19
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675x482  123 KB

Copy from HK Newspaper...Fireblade with a 206

30-Jan-03 - oh my god :( i hope the rider didn't have to suffer or realize what happened :(
30-Jan-03 - HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
30-Jan-03 - DAMN!!
30-Jan-03 - Wow that looks really bad, how did the rider fair??
30-Jan-03 - I would NEVER ride in HK. Those people can't drive! I don't imagine he felt a thing
30-Jan-03 - what the hell happened? anyone knows??
30-Jan-03 - Geeze, sweet mother of God that is a mess.
30-Jan-03 - Actually the newspaper said the rider is ok...
30-Jan-03 - ivanyeung77 could u tell us what in the name of motocycles happened here
30-Jan-03 - That is horrific.
30-Jan-03 - Just goes to show, you can't combine the attributes of a motorcycle with a car by osmosis.
30-Jan-03 - unreal...... How did he/she survive?
31-Jan-03 - Looks like they r working on the rider in the background.......Hope he pulled through! This is a very upsetting pic but it DEFANANTLY has a place on this site as a stark reminder to us all that we are not invincible!
31-Jan-03 - this photo makes me remember to ride with caution when cars are around.... they kill.
31-Jan-03 - I wonder if they are gonna call that bike totalled....good to hear the rider made it!
31-Jan-03 - is that a slip on, looks salvagable, ill throw an offer, let me know
31-Jan-03 - i do no think the rider is ok, the only thing Ok is a stock muffler
31-Jan-03 - Biiiiiig Badaboom, look as if they're still working on him in the back.
31-Jan-03 - where is the bloody bike??? ufffffffff
31-Jan-03 - I wonder if that is the rider the medics are working on in the background.
31-Jan-03 - If he didn?t pulled it off, I hope he's now riding in the sky ;)
31-Jan-03 - It looks kinda like he was thrown off of the bike, hit the windshield right in front of the driver and was thrown clear of the real danger. Then again, maybe the smashed winshield is from the driver's head.
31-Jan-03 - Can't belive anyone could survive this.
31-Jan-03 - The rider may have survived, but I'm sure he didn't walk away. The bike is like trapped between the car and that sloped wall on the left side. How did the rider keep from getting his leg trapped between the car and the bike? I mean, that car's front end is pretty much totalled too. And leave it to a sportbike rider to pick through the damage for spare parts. ;)
31-Jan-03 - Looks like a 929 to me. See the flipup rear seat?? Colors match too.
31-Jan-03 - from where i presume the rider is say he was thrown off the bike...prayers are with
31-Jan-03 - what is HK?
31-Jan-03 - Looks to me that the bike may have been parked at the time of impact & squashed between the car/wall. It's probably the car driver who's getting attention in the backgound.
31-Jan-03 - disturbing - looks like a pic from
05-Feb-03 - HK is Hon Kong and as far as I know bikes are not allowed to go faster than 100 miles or something
18-Feb-12 - if the rider did survive, he is one luck sob!
Production (Custom) Honda CBR929RR/CBR954RR, This is a 2001 cbr 929. Completly custom. 18 inch swingarm Custom megaphone exhaust, chrome tail section, chrome gas tank. This is a Hickman Custom's bike. 2001 CBR929RR/CBR954RR
Date: 24-Aug-16
Views: 2,327
Votes: 12 / Ave.: 7.25

1584x1188  396 KB

This is a 2001 cbr 929. Completly custom. 18 inch swingarm Custom megaphone exhaust, chrome tail section, chrome gas tank. This is a Hickman Custom's bike.

10-Oct-05 - absolutely a sweet ride! plain and simple.period. DW.
29-Jan-12 - Bro that was an awesome idea on the chrome tail & tank,flows smoothly and definitely a SHOWSTOPPER!!!
Production (Custom) MV F4 750cc, Alinghi F4 full carbon[seen at '2-Rad-Messe' everybody should know Alinghi from sailing] F4 750cc
Date: 29-May-19
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Votes: 69 / Ave.: 6.25

1536x1182  443 KB

Alinghi F4 full carbon[seen at "2-Rad-Messe" everybody should know Alinghi from sailing]

01-Mar-03 - give us other pictures,please!!!!
01-Mar-03 - I wouldn't be to popular on that at home, Alinghi are kicking our A$$ 4-0
01-Mar-03 - wow that is a lot of bike
02-Mar-03 - no...5-0 =) i uploaded more pictures
06-Mar-03 - wow...
Production (Custom) Yamaha FZR1000, Uploaded for: sammy tee 1994 Yamaha FZR1000 1994 FZR1000
Date: 24-Aug-16
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Votes: 6 / Ave.: 5.83

2303x1690  710 KB

Uploaded for: sammy tee
1994 Yamaha FZR1000

16-Jun-12 - awsome bike. is that taken in witchita ks? i just bought one very identical too it.
Production (Stock) Suzuki Hayabusa, Unrestriced  origional colours 99 model 4 into1 Yoshi, harris rear setts, power com, race discs, braided hoses, bars lifted 40mm K&N etc 1999 Hayabusa
Date: 09-Apr-19
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Votes: 3 / Ave.: 10.00

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Unrestriced origional colours 99 model 4 into1 Yoshi, harris rear setts, power com, race discs, braided hoses, bars lifted 40mm K&N etc

19-Dec-10 - poetry in motion
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 19042 Hayabusa
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 1,279
Votes: 139 / Ave.: 6.10

1198x890  249 KB

Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 19042

24-Oct-01 - This has got to be one of the prettiest busas I've ever seen!
24-Oct-01 - Yes it is pretty, PRETTY FRIGGIN GAUDY!
24-Oct-01 - Alll that work with a Stock Pipe??
24-Oct-01 - nothing more than a special paintjob.... everything is stock..
24-Oct-01 - Blink Blink but slap some cans on there
24-Oct-01 - Yeah - it may be stock, but you have to consider two things... ONE - busa is 'king of the hill' TWO - for all you 'knee draggers' - it evident this bike is desinged to attract women... IT JUST AMAZES ME HOW YOU HAVE PEOPLE (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) THAT ARE ALWAYS 'RAGGIN' ALOT OF BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM BIKES ON THIS SITE!!! If you dont like the bike, you dont like it... i can respect that... but 'lent-pick' every little thing!!! The dude that said that the bike is gaudy - o.k. i can respect that, but these other cats on here coming up with the 'bs'... we have a name for 'yall'.... COCK BLOCKERS!!!! (translation: the guys that try to prevent the 'playas' from getting the pretty girls) I'm convinced that you guys are MAD cause 'yall' can do this - $$$..... and if that is not the case (i doubt seriously) LETS SEE YOUR 'TRACK BIKES'! DONT PLAYA HATE... PARTICIPATE! Does the owner of this bike must belong to a gang too? yall B!@#$ M*&^%$%^&@#$@
24-Oct-01 ya that bike looks sweet, but stock pipe, i mean come on...make them hear ya too, you can get a shinny pipe if u want
24-Oct-01 - Ha, Ha, blsdwdanbri, you're funny!
24-Oct-01 - Not just paint! are you blind? check out the ammount of polishing! c'mon "Dude" credit where it's due
24-Oct-01 - I agree if you don't like the bike then DON'T POST. If you don't have anything good to say then say nothing, didn't your parents teach you that? The bike is tight it took a lot of time and effort, give the guy some credit. Just because some of you feel that bikes are only for racing, some like to get bikes and just go for rides. It's their money let them do as they please. It's not costing you anything is it, no! Man your bike is tight skip all of the cry baby haters on this site.
24-Oct-01 - No... philipw - I'M HILARIOUS... i've been checking this site out for about a month and a half, and the comments that been made about some of the custom bikes are ridiculous... where i'm from, the girls are on sh#$ thats tight (cars, trucks, suvs, and motorcycles,)... i mean WOMEN (white, hispanic, chinese, black, WHATEVER)... ISN'T THAT THE REASON WHY YOU FIX YOUR RIDE UP? Whats wrong with a 'attention getter' or 'show bike'? The owner could have a 2nd bike that he races or ruff rides... JUST GIVE THIS CAT SOME CREDIT, HE PUT ALOT OF WORK INTO THIS BUSA (if you think its ugly - fine - say that)...... this is an example of how you guys sound... a guy has a cl430 benz (windows tented with 20in rims) and you guys are raggin it cause he did change the chip in it! If that doesn't sound like a bunch of b!@#$#es, nothing does... come on... some of you 'knee draggers' (probably don't have bikes) prove me wrong! Dont get me wrong, if you have a bike - your gonna get girls (some of you)... fixin it up is putting icing on the cake! Webmaster: Is that the ONLY reason you have a bike??? If so, I think you're missing the point a bit.
24-Oct-01 - True it is a nice bike. but Oh...Come On. Thats whats wrong with some of you fake riders. You ride to look good instead of riding becuase you love too. And thats why you go and get a Busa because anyone can ride straight. Real riders live for the curves.
24-Oct-01 - blsdwdandbri youre a b()nehe@d. take your stupid poser comments to some other site. most real "knee draggers" know that you dont need a woman when you can ride a bike!! give it up homeboy and get a life. ps where are the pics of your "RIDE"
24-Oct-01 - Of course not! to make a long story short (i'll try) - there is no way to explain the feelin of riding... WHATS WRONG WITH LIKING CHROME, OR extending YOUR CHROME swingarm 7 - 9 inches to run the quarter mile... everybody is different... for people trash this particular bike because OF A STOCK PIPE IS STUPID! THATS THE POINT! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS BIKE IS NOT RODE HARD? YOU DONT! This cat has the bases covered is what i'm trying to say, AND if the chrome gets messed up because this cat was riding hard (talkin about myself really) - no sweat - just buy some more... Where did this strait line/ fake riding come from? i'm talkin strictly about trickin a bike out - this doesn't have s!@# about how u ride! Don't get all sensitive when i use the term 'knee draggers' i'm just messing with the haters who ragged this bike....
24-Oct-01 - blsdwdandbri - You actually live in a world where women judge your attractiveness by how well you decorate your motorcycle? Please tell me where these simple-minded creatures live?
24-Oct-01 - hey wheelieking44, whats up with 'if you can ride a bike, you dont need a women'? YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES! I'm going to keep this clean and i wont even address your sexual preference (every other 3rd or 4th picture on this site is a picture of a gorgous girl on a bike! custom/chrome or track bike).... AGAIN for the people that are having trouble comprehending point I'm making... for the 'BONEHEADS' that put this bike down (or any other bike similiar from ducati to moped) because its stock or whatever are punks... thats it! your trying to make this a RIDER verses POSER issue... I'm not going to let you do that! IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY - LIKE GET@ME SAID EARLIER, DONT SAY S@#$! I ALMOST FORGOT & LET THIS GO - Trust me, wheelieking44 you will see me here soon... 2002 gsx1000 buying it for my birthday/chrome $$$ set aside... i'm here let cats that post their bikes here that i appreciate their work... (one day you guys will hate me too) by the way, I watch speedvision every week... i dont remember seeing you in any of the races? THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME!!!!!!! GIVE THE OWNER OF THIS BIKE 'HIS PROPS' - PERIOD... p.s. why dont you guys talk s$%^ to the dude that has the tricked out black ducati that was posted today?..... I DIDN'T THINK SO! wheelieking44 write something nice to him... thanx.
24-Oct-01 - Well, I feel I need to put my input into this, The bike is HOT, much props playa, but seriously a stock pipe, Maybe it's just me, but an pipe is my first investment, I like people to hear me coming.......... BUT THE BIKE IS HOT. I just hope his next project is an exhaust.
24-Oct-01 - hey guy (bls..whatever) could you proof your skills? i didnt see anypictures of your riding.. just a totally chromed buza with a tribal paintjob put this bike in road show us if you can ride.. are you one of those guys that go with 10m/h noisy music..? come on sell this bike SHOW US THIS BIKE RODE HARD.... COULD YOU?
24-Oct-01 - The bike may look stock, but who knows what lies beneath...
25-Oct-01 - ...bla bla bla..........Of course not! to make a long story short (i'll try) - there is no way to explain the feelin of riding... WHATS WRONG WITH LIKING CHROME, OR extending YOUR CHROME swingarm 7 - 9 inches to run the quarter mile... everybody is different... for people trash this particular bike because OF A STOCK PIPE IS STUPID! THATS THE POINT! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS BIKE IS NOT RODE HARD? YOU DONT! This cat has the bases covered is what i'm trying to say, AND if the chrome gets messed up because this cat was riding hard (talkin about myself really) - no sweat - just buy some more... Where did this strait line/ fake riding come from? i'm talkin strictly about trickin a bike out - this doesn't have s!@# about how u ride! Don't get all sensitive when i use the term 'knee draggers' i'm just messing with the haters who ragged this bike....
25-Oct-01 - I like's different....not something you see every day. Maybe this guy HAS a bike he can rail on....maybe this is his "out". Looks good to me. At least the brakes are still on and the swingarm is in tack!
25-Oct-01 - To who ever took this pic. Make sure that you post a pic of the other side next time so know body will see the pipe. LOL
25-Oct-01 THEORY97.AOL.COM - Not my style but I think the bike is pretty tight. A lot of hard work and pride was put into the bike and I respect that. Some people ride harleys, some like running 8 and 9 second 1/4 miles, I enjoy curvy roads and the occasional wheelie, everyone is different..Anyhow,..very nice bike!
25-Oct-01 - umm in.rods if im not mistaken a busa is a twin so it really wouldnt matter which side he took the pic from..but anyways i dont like busas i think there ugly as most do. but you have to admit this particular busa is very attractive stock pipe and all..just my opinion
25-Oct-01 - R_GIANNIS... your the main one postin all bs... you're not worth it... Suggestion: Take a motorcycle safety course, buy a bike (minibike), and show your skills.... - backup all s!@# you talk... hahaha... YOU ARE DEFINITELY A WORK OF ART.
25-Oct-01 - AND JBLYE... (my 1st response to you did not appear - this one for u) come on.... $$$ (or the appearance of it - hahaha) can get/buy you everything on this planet earth, but love... where do u live? i know you gotta be deeper than that... you're the type who believe EVERYTHING that they read in newspaper and see on 11 o'clock news... bring it on 'smart guy'... p.s. my wife is laughing at you clowns... (if you feel that you should modify a bike to its full performance potential before 'trickin it or chrome' - thats cool, and respect your respect opinion - 'YALL know who I'm directing my comments too.... HATERS)
25-Oct-01 - SORRY JBLYE... didn't mean to hit you... i skipped over you message and read all the way through.... for example - try any biker week - daytona, myrtle beach (its crazy!)... all up and down the east coast....
25-Oct-01 - That's ugly. If you want to show up, try a purple/lemon new bettle... I wonder about what kind of woman this motorcycle attracts...
25-Oct-01 - bdboy: a busa is an inline 4, but it does have two pipes. and secondly, i think blsdwdandbri has a point: although you might not like this style of bike and riding to pick up chicks, you have got to give the owner credit for the time and money invested, or just shut up! stop hatin' start appreciatin'
25-Oct-01 - Looking at this ugly bike I can say: invest your time and your money on social projects instead os wasting it on chrome busas...
25-Oct-01 - oops sorry well i guess you learn something new everyday..thanks
25-Oct-01 - That bike, if I'm not mistaken, is outa th' Ruff Ryder Shop in Southern Cali. The LA area is about looks. The bike is hot, period. Bling Bling isn't always about makin' sense. That's why you see Suburban's painted bright yellow with 23" rims and loud a$$ music. Appreciate for what it is. Oh, by th' way... most of th' folks that go thru the RR shop can ride like you wouldn't believe. That black Ducati with th' custom paint and chrome that was posted a few days ago? I'd wager that he'd outride more than half th' people here. End of discussion? Doubt it... but talk is talk, right? One more thing... blsdwdandbri, I've been readin' all this and have silently had ya back in all th' verbal bouts! I'm laughin' WITH your wife!
25-Oct-01 - Webmaster........You need to be a webmaster adn get all of the flames off of this site. I will agree hands down that this is one of the best sites to come to for bike pics. I would much rather see positive comments then to see people dowing other peoples work. Can't you see what your letting this site become. There are a many different types of cycel people if they can't respect that then why let them flame on people? Thet are the ones with the problem. When you post a pic on here you have to defend it. Nice site! Webmaster: I agree, the negative comments are starting to get out of hand. However, shouldn't people be allowed to post their opinions? I delete all the messages that get into direct attacks against people but feel that if someone has an opinion, they should be able to state it.
25-Oct-01 - I agree, webmaster. We all should be able to voice our opinions. I think the sight has grown to a point where there's something for everyone, even th' ones that get off by lightin' fire. It seems that for the most part, the visitors to the sight police themselves. Someone gets outa line, those that visit put 'em in check. I don't think the few extreme cases where you have to step in should warrant a mass censor or somethin'. Incredible sight. KUTGW
29-Oct-01 - "ISN'T THAT THE REASON WHY YOU FIX YOUR RIDE UP?" WTF? No, I fix my bike up to ride it. If I wanted chicks I'd grab a $50 and go downtown.
29-Oct-01 - Okay, I own a Busa and this guys is embarrasing. Not to all you other readers: not all Busa owners buy their bikes to slam them, extend them, chrome them and go trolling for "chicks." Many of us LOVE twisties, but are addicted to massive torque. If it turns this guy on, fine...but the way he's coming across is ridiculous!!
30-Oct-01 - WHAT IS IT? PEOPLE HEAR (read :-) ) WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR!!!!! NEAL... THIS IS NOT ABOUT BUSA OWNERS... this has everything to WITH PEOPLE POSTING GARBAGE about the bikes on this website... "not all busa owners"... needs to be changed to "not all bike owners"... everybody is different (point made earlier), just appreciate the hard work the owner put in on this bike (and all the other bikes on this website) yeah, i 'dissed' a couple people... i'm not going to let them get away with attacking me personally... (it feels good to know their are some 'dogs' out there that 'got my back' in this) neal - do ur thang man... i'm wit cha... u just missed the point i was trying to make...
30-Oct-01 - there = their (hahaha - my bad...)
01-Nov-01 - A spelling error from bls?!?! No way!!! LOL j/k Ryde or Die!
07-Jun-02 - man dogg ur busas tight the tightest one iv seen so far!!!!!
25-Nov-02 - just awesome
23-Oct-04 - hott bike but i dont like the stock exhaust
23-Oct-04 - nice but you need an exhaust!
30-Oct-04 - ok how much you want for it
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 20824 Hayabusa
Date: 21-Apr-19
Views: 1,163
Votes: 144 / Ave.: 5.75

1280x1000  234 KB

Suzuki - GSX1300R Hayabusa - 20824

02-Dec-01 - Another One-Disc-Wonder...
02-Dec-01 - IN: drag racing a Hayabusa OUT: slowing down from 140
02-Dec-01 - Very nice bike. The creatie effort put into this bike paid off. I like it.
02-Dec-01 - It never ceases to amase me that people spend so much money on their bikes to go fast then ruin it by not making them stop.This is foolish worse then no gear.
02-Dec-01 - Tearbear - yes, but if that's all it's for is drag racing, then going fast is more important than stopping fast...after all, it's obvious he's not roadracing the thing, drag strips have plenty of runoff room built in so the competitiors CAN reduce unsprung and rotating weight by lessening brake capacity. Are you also accusing Angelle Seeling of being foolish??
02-Dec-01 - I DARE you to find me a picture of Angelle's bike with only 1 front rotor...Or ANY NHRA certified ProStock Bike for that matter...
03-Dec-01 - If he's racing with a hlemet like that then if the shoe fits.
03-Dec-01 - that things got to much bling bling on it, you can tell its not drag raced
03-Dec-01 - besides, pro stock drag bikes don't have front brakes
03-Dec-01 - Maybe he has a parachute.........
03-Dec-01 - you idiots: less weight means more horsepower, one caliper gives plenty of stopping power when dragracing, obviously
03-Dec-01 - obviously, only a few of you know anything about dragracing or you wouldn't say such stupid comments, prostock bikes have two front discs but only one piston calipers, sportbikes usually have three piston calipers
03-Dec-01 - Greenwell, no offense , but you're an idiot! Yes, P/S Bikes DO have front brakes, Dual discs for that matter. And the majority of teams are now using the Hi-Techie Carbon Fiber stuff..
03-Dec-01 - Brandon, less weight DON'T MEAN MORE HORSEPOWER... horsepower, watts, etc, measure the power of the engine, just that (nothing to do with weight)... SOMETIMES less weight means faster...
03-Dec-01 - i bet this guy dragraces about 1/10th of the time that he spends cruising the local mcdonald's, looking for easy high school girls...
03-Dec-01 - Besides, even with all his polishing & painting, I seriously doubt he can touch Angelle's 7.12 sec 1/4 mile time...
03-Dec-01 - Sure, maybe one disc works fine for most runs, but think EMEREGENCY SITUATION. You'll probably need more stopping power eventually.
03-Dec-01 - Poor Busa. :-( Butchered in the prime of it's life so it can never negotiate a corner again.
03-Dec-01 - You guys need a hobby.
03-Dec-01 - I don't understand why the removed one of the discs when this bike is probably ridden on the street 90% of the time. The owner is probably from Florida or Kansas or some other miserable state with no twisties.
03-Dec-01 - you right phil no twisties for the twits
03-Dec-01 - Its funny..everyone cares about the rotor count, when the owner spent a ton of $$ on everything but....and THATS what you guys notice :) LOL!!!
03-Dec-01 - I have never seen so many hater's in one place.
03-Dec-01 - BTW guys, I own a Busa (click on my email to the right), so my post above isn't from a Busa "hater." I just REALLY hate seeing people taking these great bikes, slamming them, extending them, taking of rotors, slapping on ugly paint....and strapping a lame*ssed helmet to their rear seat. WTF? Makes me sad. But if it makes the owner happy, more power to 'em. I'm just expressing my opinion like these comments are meant for.
03-Dec-01 - where did the whole "dragracing" theory come from? cuz this bike has been lowered and raked? go to any Myrtle Beach Black Bikers week and you'll see every kind of bike done up in this fashion, for nothing more than LOOKS. . and while its a matter of opinion. . i think it looks SWEET
03-Dec-01 - You got it! I HATE these kind of stupid mods and I'll bet that the busa's design team would either wince in pain or laugh thier a**es off if they saw this bike..
03-Dec-01 - For real man, why is it that whenever someone sees something they cant afford, they start hating?!?! btw...u ppl in the dual rotor guru ever ride an ex500? single rotor, if u want to lock the front wheel, go ahead, it does it just fine. and dont start the bs w/ the ex500 being a small light bike, the weight diference is neglegable
03-Dec-01 - hnazari101 and waynes, most of the people here believe in leaving what the manufactures give you alone except for a loud pipe. They don't understand the meaning of "To each, his own" and they have no respect for themselves or others for that matter. It's an amazing phenomenom and only seems to be restricted to this board. The webmaster is a good friend of mine, he notices it too. It's like the guy that posted the picture of himself looping his 929 and is going to claim it on his insurance. He hates people that are after him about claiming a non-accident on his insurance. It's a one way door and "my" way is the only way.
03-Dec-01 - I wish this web site could institute a system in which shortly after leaving youre negative comment it is followed by a picture of youre ugly mug and youre inadequet bike!
03-Dec-01 - mr stooge your way HA and all busas are butt ugly
03-Dec-01 - I think there are a bunch of envious f2 riders on this board who always manage to come up with something stupid to say anytime they see something nicer than their crap!! That all I have to say on the matter. Well also kudos to the owner of this bike I think it's classy.
03-Dec-01 - Ok, ok. I work with this guy and I know this Busa from day one, this is the second Busa that he owns paid with cash so I guess my buddy (you know who you are, if you read this) can do as he pleases with money. Yes we are from Florida and I do have a road racing bike, a street bike and a drag bike. I do it all for fun not the money. Ah the front left rotor was removed and another co-worker machined the cover for the rim, also the bar ends, etc ect. The rest is all chrome dipped, the frame was polished by Edwina (a girl) that drag races a 91 GSXR1100, She gets into the 5 secs on the local 8th of a mile track. Well A lot of comments here, I got to say everyone has their opinion. This is a pretty bike, not a drag bike. How about owning a twisty bike and never been on a race course is just as bad as this. I had done both drag and road race course. Ah yes we are from Jacksonville, Florida. Look us up or check us out at or Thanks all for the comments.
04-Dec-01 - I like how all the "Hating" comments are almost always explained in ignorance by "Not being able to afford it". So let me get this straight...If I had $30k to spend dropped in my lap to spend on motorcycling in some fashion, I'd dump it into my bike and chrome-dip everything? Somehow I don't think so. Somehow I feel I'd buy that Aprilia RSVMille SP I've been eyeing up. There's nothing wrong with going all "homey-chromey" on your bike. I agree with everyone else saying "To each his own", but don't make yourself look ignorant by saying we can't afford it. I know a guy who has 18 bikes, and not one of them resembles this. I wonder if Leno has a sportbike in his garage like this? Doubt it. I know he has a harley with chrome all over it. Just my .02 cents
04-Dec-01 - Good poinit, miles321 I agree with you. If I had the money I don't know what I would do with it. But Mr Do it right (that is the Busa owner's nick name) likes his Busa different. This bike has to be seen inperson to appreciate the detail. I would rather have a Mille, or a ZX-12 something for the twisties. But being able to do twisties and then get on another bike and do Drag Racing is just all in the spirit of 2 wheels. I give it to all that ride two wheels any two wheels. This is a skill we are not born riding a bike maybe a big wheel. There so few of us two wheelers out there compared with the cagers that don't understand the way of life of our breed. I am just glad that we had evolved into motorcycle riders. We are a very special breed guys. Nice Busa, what is that?, look mami, is all he hears when he goes places. Chrome all you want polish all you want it is your creation and it make you happy.
05-Dec-01 - hear hear! (or is it: here here)?
28-Dec-04 - Sweet bike, looks like you took alot of time and $ building it. Not everyone here is a fan of a totally "STOCK BIKE"
30-Dec-04 - buy a helmet
31-Dec-04 - nice ride, gonna buy one of those when i get some bigger stones, but i'll stick with my 600 for now
Production (Custom) Suzuki Hayabusa, How to take a wrecked GSXR1300 and turn it into something even uglier! Hayabusa
Date: 09-Apr-19
Views: 1,141
Votes: 135 / Ave.: 5.45

1152x792  178 KB

How to take a wrecked GSXR1300 and turn it into something even uglier!

16-Aug-00 now theres something you dont see every day
17-Nov-00 i like it!!!!this thing would make old ladies and little kids cry."MOMMY MOMMY,I SEEN THE DEVIL TODAY AND HE DRIVES A NAKED HAYABUSA!!!!!!!!!!"
14-Feb-01 - This is cool as hell!
10-May-01 - that thing looks mad! great job. i think it looks hella better than stock. maybe suzuki will make something to compete against the x-11 with hayabusa motor. somehow i think they'de use a different lamp.
13-May-01 - where can i get the parts to complete a bik like the two brothers machine shown in this pic, please forward an Email address if poss. many thanks
03-May-02 - It looks like a bug.
09-Jan-03 - whoo, the concept rocks :)
09-Jan-03 - i feel bad for whom ever that gets to ride passenger on this bike....
09-Jan-03 - Kind of looks cool.
09-Jan-03 - hopefully it has body work ,if it does it's not so bad
09-Jan-03 - The only thing I can say, is thank god we don't see it everyday!
09-Jan-03 - I'm not a big fan of street fighters but I like this thing alot.
09-Jan-03 - Looks pretty sweet, but the light sticking out a foot and a half from the handlebars looks stupid. djfredflintstone1973- I'm not seeing the bug:)
09-Jan-03 - i like!! it looks ready to pounce any second now...
09-Jan-03 - not too shabby, maybe you could do something else with the headlight though.
10-Jan-03 - Change the Headlight, and the Exhaust, and i'd like it... but then again, i LOVE "Nekkeds"!!
11-Jan-03 - it looks like its ready 4 a jump, I like it a lot but I dont care 4 the color, the head light not to bad just needs a cover. idd ride it. the best part is the exhuast.
14-Jan-03 - I agree the exhaust looks sick! I love it.
16-Jan-03 - i think this bike looks awesome however you'd spend the entire time trying to stop yourself from sliding back on the exhaust
16-Jan-03 - Make sure you have a note on your dash "Things to remember: Get eggs, get milk, don't do 12:00 wheelies"
15-Feb-03 - Thumbs up !!! Nice solution for a situation ...
05-Mar-08 - Best looking 'Busa I've ever seen. Although, it's kind of hard to make a turd look worse. lol MAN those things are fugly!!
06-Mar-08 - That is disgusting, put some clothes back on it right now..!
06-Mar-08 - That's just stupid ugly!
04-Apr-08 - Change the headlight & the crap exhaust & you have a 1/2 mean machine. Once mine is done, this will get wasted.

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